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How do families manage an older adult’s care on their own? Early in my work as a care manager, I was hired by a son who lived abroad with his wife and young son. He had a career. His mother who lived in the Boston area had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He could not manage her care from Europe. I became her care manager and oversaw her care. The son was reassured, knowing that his mother had someone nearby who would oversee her move to a skilled nursing facility, visit her, attend her family care meetings and medical appointments, make sure the bills were paid, that she had clothing and so on. The son was able to continue his career and be a husband and father. He was the decision maker, but the burden was not all on him.

We all have so much on our plates, our health care system is not easy to navigate. Family members in close proximity may not be able to help their elders with all of their needs… Let us help you by providing:

Objective assessment

It is difficult to look at a family member’s needs objectively. We do it daily. We may see strengths or areas that need bolstering that you may not. We may be able to speak with your older adult about issues they refuse to discuss with you. They may be more open to implementing change if coming from an objective third party, especially if they come to know and trust the person. We have been cultivating relationships with reluctant older adults for over 28 years.

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A second set of eyes

You have been running ragged between work and getting your children to soccer practices. With so much going on, it is understandable that you may not notice a problem with your parent.. We have been trained to look for signs that may be an indication of a problem.

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Support for your older adult and for you

A “sounding board,” “the complaint department,” a “trusted advisor.”  Sometimes we just want to vent, to feel heard and understood.   Sometimes “adult children” need to step back and take a break. In addition to listening and providing solutions, we have been connecting older adults and their families with resources for 28 years.

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Custom- tailored solutions to the challenges your older adult is facing

Each individual is unique.  What worked for Aunt Hattie may not work for your mother. While developing a relationship with your family member, we come to know their likes and dislikes and the reasons behind their preferences. By listening to and including older adults in the decision-making about their lives, we can help to mitigate resistance to change.

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Save You Money

By taking the time to get to know you and your family member, we can help you to make informed decisions. For example; saving the cost of a second move because the first housing choice did not work out. We help you to save money by identifying and addressing problems before hospitalization is required; saving you the expense of taking time off from work. If your older adult has a budget we will do our best to work within that budget and identify possible sources of assistance.

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8 areas of expertise

An Aging Life Care™ Manager is dedicated to helping clients age well while also supporting quality of life for family members. This phase of a family’s journey together is often complicated. There is more to do than there is time. Relatives may live far away. Relations can become strained.

Our professional training and knowledge of best practices can ease the journey.

Every family is unique. As Aging Life Care Managers, we apply our insights and skills in 8 key areas to provide you with a positive care plan tailored to your family’s individual needs and strengths.

  • Health and disability: Through assessments and experience, we can help you understand what your loved one does well, and in what areas he or she could use additional help.
  • Finances: A review of the current monetary situation will result in a plan to make resources stretch as efficiently as possible while maintaining the desired level of comfort, dignity and safety. We can also help with daily financial management if your elder wants to retain control of the checkbook and bill paying bills but needs support.
  • Housing: Based on the assessments, recommendations can be made for optimal living situations now, with a view to likely changes in the foreseeable future.
  • Family: Sibling disagreements and old family history often make the aging journey difficult. Our training provides for skilled facilitation of family meetings and creation of a plan that takes everyone’s needs into account.
  • Local Resources: There are programs available to help, but it’s difficult to know which one is the most appropriate for your situation. Save time and money by letting us objectively evaluate the situation and connect you to the resources best suited to your needs.
  • Advocacy: Our comprehensive knowledge of the disjointed health care system allows us to monitor quality and lobby for the care and treatment your family wants.
  • Legal: Let us help you identify issues and get key paperwork in order.
  • Crisis Intervention: The unexpected is simply a fact of life in aging. We are experienced with elder emergencies and are ready to jump in at a moment’s notice.
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Other services offered

Planning for younger retirees-Are you thinking about where you would like to live when you need more assistance? At home? A smaller place? Assisted Living or a Continuing Care Retirement Community? What are the costs of each?  What are the pros and cons?  Which is best for you?  If you have long term care insurance, do you understand your policy and how to apply for benefits when needed ? Have you or your spouse had a recent health event where you need some help figuring out next steps? We can help.

Daily Financial Management-Are you and your family member in a power struggle over who keeps the checkbook and pays the bills?  We work with older adults to ensure the bills get paid by supporting them in the process.

We can also help with sorting and reading the mail; making certain that bills and other correspondence, are handled in a timely and appropriate manner. We can “translate” insurance notices, medical reports and other difficult to understand jargon.

Respite Check-ins-Are you the “family care manager?” Do you long for a vacation, need to travel for work or bring your teenager on the college tour?  Are you worried about how your older family member will fare while you are gone?  We provide respite check –in visits while you are away and update you by phone, text or email.


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