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Hired to care for dad, now caring for daughter

“I’ve known Heather Hersee since 2008. I was living in Los Angeles, and needed assistance caring for my 91 year-old father, residing in elder housing outside of Boston.  A friend, familiar with Heather’s work, suggested that I get in touch with her.  Hiring her to help Dad was, perhaps, among the wisest decisions I’ve ever made.  She did everything from taking him to, and keeping track of, his medical appointments, follow ups, insurance, communication with medical personnel, and more.  Because of her thoroughness, compassion and thoughtfulness, I became exponentially more at ease.  My Dad enjoyed her company tremendously, and relied on her – as I did.  Later on, as his health declined and he moved to a nursing home, she remained heavily involved in his care, and would even occasionally read literature to him.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her expertise and reassuring demeanor.

I moved back to the Boston area in 2011 and saw Heather regularly, as I visited Dad almost every day.  She continued to be a comfort to him, maybe even more to me, as I had the support I needed, knowing my father was being so well tended to.

Dad passed in 2014.  Right before that, I was diagnosed with lung cancer and, since there is no family – I hired Heather as my Care Manager, which she has been since 2014.  She has become a lifeline and a rock, whether it be accompanying me to medical appointments and follow ups, being a second pair of eyes and ears, helping me find other specialists, or even occasionally assisting me with routine errands during the winter when I can’t get out.

Heather is highly intelligent, professional, and kind.  She is also on top of various medical topics, insurance issues, and other timely subjects.  She is extremely reliable and sensitive to her clients’ needs, displaying good common sense….and a great sense of humor!  I can’t recommend Heather’s services more highly.”

Barbara Adelman Daughter of Client and Current Client



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Helping couple in their 70s address current needs and plan for the future

“My husband and I have been consulting with Heather for 5 years.  She has a wide breadth of knowledge and a great people skills.  Heather has been a lifesaver in addressing immediate needs and with planning for the future. When my husband was ill, she helped us think about what we needed in terms of in-home care and a respite stay in assisted living. She worked with us to apply for long term care benefits to pay for both.

Recently we have explored the question of where we want to live in 5 years.  With Heather’s guidance we have compared different senior communities and filed applications.

Heather has been tremendously supportive to us both. And, she gets the job done!”

70s-something couple in Cambridge MA

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Mom with dementia

“Heather was recommended by my 90 year old mother’s gerontologist. I live out of state.  Frankly, I did not think my mother needed a care manager.  She was getting forgetful but she seemed alright living on her own. My response to the doctor’s request was “no, thank you”.

The doctor persisted and I reluctantly hired Heather. She has been invaluable. Heather did a safety assessment of my mother’s home and made recommendations of necessary safety measures and oversaw their implementation.   She manages my mother’s medical appointments and accompanies my mother her to doctor’s visits. She communicates with me before and after each appointment to solicit my input and keeps me apprised at what is going on.  She also monitors my mother’s response to medications and sought help for her depression of many years.

As my mother required more care Heather applied for MA Health and the Frail Elder Program so that she could stay in her own home with the care she needed. This has given my mother the help she could not afford.  It has saved me from worrying and a  significant amount of money in caretaker bills.

Heather discusses recommendations with my mother so that she feels a part of the decision-making, even if she forgets.  My mother trusts and respects her. I used to get frequent frantic calls from my mother. These calls were upsetting as there was little I could do from a distance. These calls are far less frequent now. The quality of life for both my mother and me has improved greatly.”

Cynthia, out of state daughter



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Sandwich generation

“When I moved my 92 year old aunt from Florida to Massachusetts. I was overloaded- having a young family, work, and now my aunt Edna.  Edna’s physician here in Ma, suggested I contact Heather.
Heather took over coordinating Edna’s medical care, communicating with her medical providers, the assisted living facility where Edna lived; and me.  She anticipated Edna’s needs before problems arose and set up ways to compensate- arranging alternative transportation when Edna became unable to get in and out of a car; therapy and medication for depression; companion care for loneliness; hospice as her quality of life declined; and a move into a skilled nursing facility as her care needs increased and funds decreased. Heather worked with us for 7 years until Edna died 3 weeks shy of her 101st birthday.

Heather was wonderful to work with.  She was a tireless advocate for Edna. I knew that while I was attending to my family and work Edna’s needs were met. I could not have done it without her.”

Great Nephew Lexington MA

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