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Heather H.
Heather Hersee is a life saver for seniors who can no longer live independently. At ages 83 and 88 she managed the important transition to an assisted living facility staffed with a visiting gerontologist, geriatric nurse and physical/ occupational therapists. Heather managed the very difficult hurdles and even became a counselor for my wife who suffered depression in moving to a different environment. Now we are happy and adjusted to living in highly respected Providence House, Brighton, MA.As received by email from Richard and Myrna Brasie
Kathleen R.
Heather Hersee was professional, compassionate, listened about a deathly health issue I have, was competent. I trusted her. She seemed to have effective communication and business skills. I highly recommend her to some one like me, who needed some care for a short time in my home.

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How does social isolation affect older adults? To learn more watch episode one of “Age Smashing” with Heather Hersee and Attorney Susan Howards

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